The 30A Investor's Club

For 23 years, Jon Miller, Broker of Go To The Beach | Christie's International Real Estate has crafted the art of buying and selling 30A income producing properties.

Now he and his son, Adam, are sharing insights with you.  As market experts, they have assisted income buyers with successful investments. Not only do they locate a desirable vacation rental property, but they help investors set up the property to provide the highest return. Expect suggestions on management, rental rates, updates, staging, amenities and answers to any questions on how to make the most out of an income producing property.

In 2017, Jon and a business partner purchased Benchmark Management, later also purchasing and incorporating Garrett Realty Services to their portfolio. Jon and company now offer those who wish to invest in an income producing property, but prefer to remain hands-off in the rental process itself, the opportunity to place their property on Benchmark's rental program.


Join our Investor's Club Now to receive quarterly market insights, club investment favorites and tips on investing in luxury beach property that will give back through appreciation and potent rental return. To join, please just click the link above and type "Investor" into the subject line.


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